Pancakelock: Creating a #SAFU atmosphere for the Bsc Community.

The DeFi ecosystem has been invaded by bad actors and scammers who raise large sums of money and abandon or remove the token liquidity through a tactic called ‘rug pull.’ Several DeFi investors have lost money due to this unfortunate trend.

To avoid an exit scam or possible ‘rug pull’, the Pancakelock team will build a liquidity locker for the Bsc community. This will prevent project developers from pulling an exit scam.

What is Pancakelock?

Pancakelock is an autonomous, frictionless, and decentralized application that aims to bring greater security and legality of operations to the applications built on Binance Smart Chain protocol. The Pancakelock will utilize the Bsc to create a full-stack liquidity lock system that allows developers and token holders to lock their BEP 20 tokens and Liquidity tokens in a smart contract vault to earn $PLOCK tokens.

Pancakelock Token (PLOCK)

To reward and boost the value of our protocol. The Pancakelock token (PLOCK) will provide various governance functions such as the ability to vote on proposals around the development and direction of the project. Additionally, there will be beneficial DeFi rewards such as the ability to earn more PLOCK by becoming a liquidity provider on the platform.

Thank you for reading this. We hope you stick around, in the coming weeks we will be uploading a lot more news and progress with the project development.

Thanks again for all your support thus far!



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