Pancakelock non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and use-case.

The Pancakelock team is pleased to announce our NFT. In this first-of-its-kind project, we will be minting 500 totally unique NFTs — with a design that reflects the identity of the Pancakelock platform.

How to get the PLOCK NFT

These NFTs will be distributed to the Investors that contribute more 3 BNB in the presale and also hold a minimum of 30,000 PLOCK on the snapshot date.


This collectible NFT goes beyond just holding value as art by adding unique utilities and incentives in our ecosystem for each NFT holder. By holding the PLOCK NFT, you will have a special badge on the website. You will also gain access to future airdrops, as well as other incentives.

We will do more improvements to the Pancakelock ecosystem and bring more useful things in the near future.



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Thank you for reading this. We hope you stick around, in the coming weeks we will be uploading a lot more news and progress with the project development.

Stay Tuned.



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